Exclusive Christie's partnership

250 years of experience in the luxury business

Founded by James Christie in 1766, Christie's is a leading auctioneer worldwide, with a historic presence in the ancient and modern art markets. Building on its success, the company expanded its activities and, in 1995, created Christie's International Real Estate, a company specializing in luxury real estate. Combining centuries of experience with a network of selected brokers, this subsidiary serves a demanding clientele in search of exceptional properties.



The worldwide authority on luxury real estate

In almost 30 years, Christie's International Real Estate has established itself as a global leader in the field of prestige properties. Through its network of 138 affiliates in over 46 countries, the company offers a diverse range of luxury real estate, from sumptuous seaside villas and historic chateaux to elegant city apartments and spacious wine domains.

With a portfolio valued at over $100 billion, Christie's International Real Estate offers solutions tailored to the needs of every client. Its team of experienced real estate marketing professionals guarantees optimal visibility for each property, through targeted and innovative advertising strategies.

In short, Christie's International Real Estate has established itself as a world leader in luxury real estate, offering quality service and top-of-the-range solutions to a wealthy clientele in search of exceptional properties.



SPG One | Christie's International Real Estate 

Since 2005, SPG One has enjoyed an exclusive partnership with Christie's International Real Estate in French-speaking Switzerland and Gstaad, giving you access to its entire portfolio and a wide range of offers available worldwide.

This union, guided by common values and shared aspirations, reflects the professional excellence and know-how of our two entities.

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