Making a successful property sale


Your property represents an important part of your financial and emotional heritage. Therefore, proper guidance and support are crucial to making a successful property sale.


Below are the steps we take to ensure that success:

  • Define the optimal sales price based on thorough knowledge and detailed analysis of the property and the market
  • Implement the appropriate marketing strategy
  • Take professional photographs to highlight and enhance your property
  • Create and publish all the necessary marketing and sales materials
  • Propose the property to a select portfolio of clients
  • Ensure organisation and support during showings
  • Provide you with personalised follow-up and regular reports
  • Present offers and advice in the context of negotiations
  • Offer support and guidance up until the sale closes



We begin by APPRAISING your property


A high-quality appraisal is the first prerequisite of a successful sale. For more than 17 years, our experts have been working in this exclusive real estate market in French-speaking Switzerland as well as in the Swiss Alps without ever losing sight of the fact that doing so requires a high degree of knowledge not only from a market point of view but also at the technical level.


Several studies have demonstrated the correlation between a sound appraisal and optimum property sales conditions. Therefore, it is essential to avoid excessive complacency when setting a price, as it could end up being completely out of sync with the market.


Property appraisal demands a deep, continuously updated knowledge of local market trends, as well as keen sensitivity to the numerous requirements of potential buyers. By cross-referencing multiple criteria and performing a thorough analysis, we determine a sales price that is ambitious but realistic at the same time.


If you would like a property appraisal that is well-founded, detailed, prompt and fully confidential, all you have to do is ask.


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