LVX Magazine Edition n°4 - Summer 2024

LVX Magazine Edition n°4 - Summer 2024

In the West, it first appeared in the 18th century and was mostly worn by men. In Asia, notably Japan, cherry blossoms have always distinguished it from red and white. This color of scarcity gradually became that of excess.

From the 19th century onwards, pink came closer and closer to purple, representing transgression. It also found itself dependent on the new symbolism of red, which gradually became the hue of the devil and of death. Not vice, but proximity to vice; not pornography, but eroticism; not communism, but socialism.

Researcher Pierre-William Fregonese explores this ambiguous pink, which is relegated far down the list of favorite colors. He underlines the paradox: the world may hate pink, but its commercial success is undeniable.


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After l'Information Immobilière, created in 1976, and Immorama, created in 1997, with a print run of 15,000 copies, LVX is the new free publication from Société Privée de Gérance. Produced in collaboration with SPG One, a partner of Christie's International Real Estate, it will be published twice a year.

LVX, the Latin light - in a Roman spelling that affirms our company's unwavering commitment to culture - focuses on art, architecture, watchmaking, gastronomy, but also styles and technologies: on everything that humanity is capable of when it gives of its best. But it also seeks to provide answers for a public challenged by the evolution of our societies, through encounters with those - philosophers, scientists and artists - who think about the times with elegance.

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